Draft prep: Our 30-team league mock draft

Last year, we debuted a 30-team analyst Fantasy hoops league called the 30-Deep. It featured 15 CBSSports.com staffers consisting of Fantasy analysts, columnists, producers and on-air talent against 15 Fantasy analysts from around the industy. We got enough positive responses from both readers and participants to bring it back for a second year. So once again, it's CBS against the World, take two.

To rehash, year one went well. CBS's own Senior Software Engineer and Fantasy connoisseur Jake Payton defeated former CBSer Brian Flood in a best-of-three series, 2-0.

Readers may remember Flood providing quality Fantasy hoops content for CBSSports.com a few years back. He helped us set up this league and represented the World side very well last year when he was a writer for Rotoworld. He's now working at the NFL office in Manhattan, but he's earned himself a slot on the world side as a lifer. Readers may also remember Payton as a regular in our mock drafts. He was in charge of the technical side of our Fantasy product and did a great job making the experience as good as it has been. He was also a regular in our analyst leagues and mock drafts and usually finished at or around the top of every league he was in. He moved up to Detroit in the offseason, meaning there will be a new champ in the 30-Deep this year.

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Rick Kamla, who Fantasy hoops players likely recognize from NBA TV and NBA.com, also had a great year, leading the World standings for most of the season only to suffer a tough-luck loss in the playoffs. He finished with a 25-5 record. Patrick Madden of GiveMeTheRock.com and Aaron Gleeman of Rotoworld joined Kamla and Flood as 20-game winners on the World side. Payton was joined by Senior Fantasy Writer Dave Richard and NBA columnist Tony Mejia as 20-game winners on the CBS side.

The 30-Deep is set up to mimic the NBA with two conferences. Each team plays two games every week during a 15-week regular season. One game is played against a team within their own conference and the other game is against a team in the other conference. During the regular season, one team in each conference gets a bye in conference play due to the odd number of teams on each side. The top six teams from each side advance to the playoffs with the top two teams in each conference getting a bye for the first round of their side's playoffs. The playoffs are straight knockout rounds through the conference championships and the winner of the CBS side takes on the winner of the World side in a best of three-game series.

Last year, we used a standard Head-to-Head scoring system that included a point for every point, rebound, steal and block with two points for every assist and a point penalty for every turnover. This year, the league is going to have a more traditional nine-category system with the winner of the majority of categories within each matchup getting the win. This gives Fantasy owners an idea of the many different ways that are available to customize leagues in our Commissioner product.

The participants:


Aaron Weisberg, Managing Producer, Video
Corey Guerrera,
Fantasy Product Manager
Dave Richard,
Senior Fantasy Writer
Denny Burkolder,
NBA Producer
Eric Mack,
Senior Fantasy Writer
Fazal Imam,
Product Coordinator
Jamey Eisenberg,
Senior Fantasy Writer
Jason Horowitz,
Video host
Jeff Lippman,
Fantasy Writer
Lauren Shehadi,
Video host
Michael Hurcomb,
Fantasy Writer
Peter Madden,
Managing Editor, Fantasy
Ross Devonport,
Senior Fantasy Writer
Scott White,
Fantasy Writer
Sergio Gonzalez,
Fantasy Writer

The World

Aaron Gleeman, Rotoworld
Brian Flood,
Co-founder of 30-Deep
Brian McKitish,
David Klyce,
Dennis Velasco,
Eric Karabell,
Evan Silva,
Hector Castro,
Matt Lawrence,
Matt Stroup,
Mike Yam,
Patrick Madden,
Rick Kamla,
Steve Alexander,
Tom Carpenter,

The categories:

Field-Goal percentage
Free-Throw percentage
Three-Point Field Goals made

The roster requirements:

Point Guard
Shooting Guard
Small Forward
Power Forward
Flex - PG, SG, SF, PF or C

The draft (order randomly selected):

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